Product groups
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Product groups

TOP MINERAL products can be divided into the five product groups as follows:

Thanks to many years of research and development, we have a wide variety of different sands at our disposal – and we know how best to use them.

Our contemporary range, a balanced mix of old favourites and new offerings, provides all you need to make your masonry visions come true.


Whatever the purpose or type of facility, we offer customized solutions for turf base layers, regeneration substrates and equestrian arena mixtures.

Feed lime comprises a natural mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. It is used as animal feed or as a calcium boost in compound feeds. It comes in different grain sizes depending on the intended use.

STONE DIVERSITY for every garden.

A truly beautiful garden needs more than just grass and flowerbeds. To experience perfect garden design, come and see the STONEPARK exhibition in Niederrimsingen and talk with our specialists in natural stone products.

The abrasive effect of blasting media depends on many different factors.
In addition to the physical properties of blasting media (hardness, toughness, specific density, grain size and shape), their effectiveness is also influenced by air pressure, nozzle size, blasting angle, hardness of the blasted object, type and degree of contamination on the surface to be treated, and other conditions.
We will be happy to talk with you about which blasting medium is the right one for your application.

We offer more than an array of building material products – our mission is also to advise and support you with innovative long-term solutions.